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【转】--- Ozone Hole(南极臭氧空洞现状)

作者:英国南极局(British Antarcic Survey)的相关工作者



Ozone Hole - 

The discovery of the Antarctic Ozone Hole is one of the most important scientific papers of recent decades.

[译] 臭氧空洞- 近10年科学论文最重要的交点之一:南极臭氧空洞的探索

The discovery, in 1985, by British Antarctic Survey scientists Joe Farman, Brian Gardiner and Jonathan Shanklin, led to the hugely succesful Montreal Agreement, proving that science can influence society and change the way we view our fragile planet.

[译] 早在1985年,英国南极局科学家Joe Farman, Brian Gardiner 和 Jonathan Shanklin的探索导致了《蒙特利尔协议》巨大的成功。同时证明科学能影响社会并且改变我们看脆弱地球的方式。

DATA AS ART #06 Ozone Hole(图为 不同年份臭氧空洞的最大范围)

This artwork represents 30 years of data collected since the discovery, showing the extent of the Antarctic Ozone Hole and its changing position over the South Pole. Each circle marks the year’s maximum area with a recorded value below 220 Dobson Units, the official designation for an ozone hole.

[译] 这张图使用了从科学研究中获取的30年数据,展示了南极臭氧空洞的范围 和 围绕南极点变化的位置。每个闭合的圈表示每年臭氧值低于220  (Dobson) 的 最大的区域,这个是官方指定的臭氧空洞的定义。

Data source(数据源):
Dr Jonathan Shanklin
Emeritus Fellow
British Antarcic Survey